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What is a PLS?
PLS stands for Private Labeled Site. It is a subscription-based service offered by YourNameTravel.comTM which gives you or your company your own travel services website (hosted on our servers). You can customize your PLS in several ways, such as placing your company's logo on it. More importantly, online purchases made through your PLS earn you revenue on their commissions!

Who can use a PLS?
Anyone on the Internet can access your PLS. You may choose to market it to a certain audience, but there are no restrictions (apart from any local, state, or federal law) on who can access it or make purchases through it.

Do I need to hold an Errors & Omissions (E&O) policy?
ALL transactions on the YNT website are handled directly with the appropriate vendor. The transaction is made through a "link" (your website) connected to the vendor who is supplying the product. You are NOT handling any funds. Our recommendation is that as any small business you should carry a limited liability policy. Normally these are relatively inexpensive, but well worth the cost for the peace of mind

Where does my website physically reside / Do I need a web server?
All PLS's & CBV's are hosted by us, WebPLS Inc. You don't have to know anything about maintaining or administering websites. Our Administration web page will allow even the novice user to customize his or her PLS. The one thing you will need is an image file of your company's logo.

Is there a need to be a registered seller of travel in CA or FL?
No, as long as you are using the YNT travel website "exclusively" to book all your travel arrangements. The main requirements of the laws state you can NOT directly handle any of the funds, nor can you sell any other products other than found on the host agencies website. This would be similar to being an Affiliate Agent with one of the BIG travel dot coms, such as Expedia.com. It is our understanding you do not need to register. Please contact your State regulatory agency for additional clarification.

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Prices, Commissions, Comparisons

How do I get paid for the travel that is booked through my PLS?
You are paid on all the commissionable links that are activated on your PLS, as described in the comparison table. Payment is made after travel has been completed and the commission is received from the appropriate vendor. Each PLS has a unique ID associated with it, which we use to keep track of which PLS gets credit for an online purchase. In other words, you get credit when an online purchase is made through your PLS.

How much money can my company make by participating in the subscriber program?
There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn! Therefore it is in your best interest to draw as many visitors to your PLS as you can. You are permitted and even encouraged to market your PLS by whatever means you can. The commission rates on travel purchases made through your PLS depend on the PLS Level (1, 2 or 3) that you subscribed to. The comparison table shows the commissions rates of the three PLS levels.

How do the prices compare using the links provided on my PLS or CBV?
When booking air, cars, and hotels, you are using one of the largest travel booking reservation system in the world, Sabre. When booking any of the online cruises, you have direct cruise line pricing, offering the best fares at the time of booking. All of the travel modules on your PLS are partnered with leaders in the industry, offering the best values.

I know there are other "affiliate" travel programs, what makes the PLS program unique?
Many of the "affiliate" programs do not offer the ability for you to Private Label (brand) your own website. In addition, the commission levels under this program are considerably higher than many other programs. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to add custom trips, group packages, etc., to your website, and to personalize it in many ways.

Do I earn commissions on my own purchases through my own PLS website?
Yes. When you complete a transaction through your PLS, you earn the same commission on your purchase that you would from a visitor's purchase. You might be realizing that a PLS can save you or your company money on its internal travel purchases!

How do my company's own employees or visitors benefit from my Private Labeled Site?
Your employees and visitors will have access to air, car, and hotel reservations through the use of one of the world's largest reservation systems for air, car, and hotels: Sabre. They also will have access to the major cruise lines, with direct link cruise line pricing, access to competitive trip insurance, the ability to shop for packaged land vacations, and access to discounted cruises and vacations. Also through the Group Specials program, there are other great values, all online, on YOUR site.

How do I know how much commission I've earned on my PLS website?
Through our reporting system we can track the sales from the individual PLS's. Currently you can access all information about bookings made on your site through your administration page with your booking manager. Bookings are usually posted within 24-48 hours.Directions for downloading this information can be found under the help tab on the administration page.

How often do I get paid?
We will send you a check for the commissions you've earned from your PLS website on a monthly basis (typically the middle of the month), provided that you have earned more than $50.00 in combined payments. Please see our Affiliate Subscriber Agreement for complete details.

Do I still earn commissions on cancellations?
No. If a user cancels a transaction, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

How will you know when customers come from my site?
All* links from your site to our booking engines contain a unique identifier. Every time a transaction is made using your site to book a commissionable transaction, we know to that the booking came through your Private Labeled Site.*=International Discount Air is not auto-trackable, and bookings must be identified by PLS to WebPLS,Inc for credit.

If I operate more than one PLS (domain name), can you track them separately but pay me with one commission check?
Yes. You can have multiple sites under one associate account, although there will be a one time set up fee for each domain name that you might want to set up. You will receive one commission check for all of your sites. To set up an account with multiple sites, please contact us with the domain names of the additional sites.

Many of the the airlines have eliminated the commissions for airline tickets, so how can there be any commissions?
It is true that some of the Major US domestic airlines, and some foreign airlines, have cut or eliminated commissions, but many still pay a commission. If there is a commission paid, you will earn part of the commission (PLS 2 & 3 only). Otherwise, all transactions for airfare are charged a small processing fee. You will earn the desiginated fixed amount for each ticket that is completed. (PLS1 and PLS2 earn the same fixed amount if there is no commission.)

Are "all" the links on the PLS site able to be identifed as coming from a unique PLS?
Currently,"most" all of the links can be tracked. The Cruise module, Air,Car & Hotel, Create Your Vacation, Trip Insurance are tracked automatically. NOTE: The Discount International Air link,is currently not automatically tracked. Your bookings are commissionable,butyou must notify WebPLS,Inc of any bookings that are done by you through this link, to receive proper credit.

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Becoming an Affiliate Subscriber

How do I get started as a PLS subscriber?
Getting started is easy. First you'll need to read and agree to our Affiliated Subscriber agreement on the Sign Up page. Then you'll be presented with enrollment form. Once you submit the form, you should hear from an agent of WebPLS Inc. within 24 hours.

How will I know if I'm accepted into the program?
You'll receive confirmation of your acceptance into the program after review. Normally with 24 hours you would receive a decision concerning your acceptance into the program.

Are there any set-up fees, or monthly charges?
There are basic one time set-up fees for whichever plan you choose. This covers setting up all the necessary links to provide the internal tracking for your travel site. Monthly fees are dependent upon the program you choose. The ability to select the Level, or Plan, is what is unique to the YourNameTravel.comTM program.

Why do you charge a monthly fee for the PLS program, when others may not?
Our marketing research has shown that charging a small monthly fee, while increasing commissions, is the preferred way to offer affiliate subscription programs. The increased commissions, even with minimal bookings, more than offsets the small cost of having your own Private Labeled Site through YourNameTravel.comTM.

Am I committed to any length of time to continue having my own Private Labeled Site?
You are only committed to maintain an active account for 12 months. After that time if you no longer desire to have your account active, you may drop out of the program with a 30 days notice.

Does my PLS site maintain its identity?
Absolutely! As an affiliate subscriber, we make it possible for your site to maintain its identity through our private label options, and we don't charge an additional fee to put your logo on your site.

Can I have my own domain name?
Yes, if you have a domain name already we can adjust its setting to point to our server. If you do not have one then currently YNT will purchase your requested domain name for the 1 year for you.

Do I have the option of adding my own trips?
The PLS program is designed to let you display you own travel packages under "HOT Deals" or "Groups Trips"! Choose the travel components that fit your needs. This is ideal for companies wishing to promote only specific geographic regions.

What do I need to know about travel in order to participate in the PLS program?
We have designed our programs so you don't need to know anything about travel or the travel industry in order to participate! But if you are a travel industry professional, you will find customization features in our programs that will give you the ability to offer your own custom trip packages.

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Marketing and Groups

How can I get group pricing?
As an affiliate subscriber of our program, you can sell from our Group space, which is discounted in some cases up to 50%. This is a great way to promote deals to your company's employees and customers. You will still receive your full commission, depending on the plan you enrolled in. If you have a group you would like to put together, you can request the pricing though our Group request form.

What type of marketing support do I get?
Although you are ultimately responsible for the marketing effort of your PLS, we can provide travel-related graphics for your site. We private label the entire travel services, reservation and ticketing process. We offer ideas for marketing including banner ads. Our newest marketing tools include the Hot Deals that you can place on your website.

What if I have a web site located outside of North America?
Web sites based outside North America are encouraged to become one of our subscribers, provided they qualify. Sites outside of North America can profit from our hotel and car rental engines, our destination content and flight tracker. Air ticketing is only limited to providing the necessary documentation.

What about customer service?
Some of your visitors will want to speak to a customer service representative for assistance in their bookings. By default, we will provide this assistance. You can elect to have the customer contact you. This is all provided in the PLS Administration functions.

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Customization Features

How do I change information on my website?
No matter which PLS subscriber plan you select, you have the availability to modify your PLS. You will be given a username and password with which you will use to login to our Administration site. There you will be able to develop the level of personalization that you want.

How do I add banner ads to my PLS?
When you subscribe to a PLS Level 1 or 2 or 3, you are given access to an Administration web page that allows you to set up to one (1) banner ad at a fixed position on your website.

What is the acceptable format of the banner ad?
The banner ad image on the web page must be 125x125 pixels. The banner ad itself may be an image file you upload or a link to an image on another server. Banner ads with offensive content, i.e., not suitable for minors, are not permitted.

Can I change the colors on my PLS?
Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Private Labeled Sites have administration features which include the ability to change color schemes. There are several configurable elements.

Can I request a new feature for my PLS?
Please understand that any feature we add will be effective for all subscribers. So we must determine if the new feature will benefit everyone. In any case, we will consider all enhancement requests and welcome feedback on the program.

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Hot Deals, Exclusive, and Group Trips

Can I put a special group trip on my PLS website?
Yes, you can add your own* trip under the GROUP heading and also under the Hot Deals section. (*=See other questions in this section about adding trips)

How do I add a "Group Priced" trip that I want to exclusively promote on my own PLS website?
You can request a group pricing on a select group of vendors. By using the online form, simply fill out the request, and you will be contacted concerning your group requirements.

What level of PLS do I need to be able to add my own trips?
With our new levels all three have the option to add your own custom trips or choose from trips already in the system.

Can I have a "discounted group cruise" pricing be automated in the CRUISE SHOPPER?
Yes, if you request group pricing for the following cruise lines, Carnival, Norwegian and Holland America, the group pricing will automatically be shown when the consumer shops that particular cruise. You must first submit a "Group Pricing Request", and once it is approved, the automated pricing module is activated.

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