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Tell me, what is a PLS? What is a PLS?

PLS stands for Private Labeled Site. It is a subscription-based program that lets you sell travel and related services over the Internet. We provide the website and all the functionality as a turn-key travel store, then put your name and logo on it! You may even choose a custom domain name. Best of all, online purchases made through your PLS earn you revenue on their commissions!

A PLS comes with these features:

  • Personalized, branded travel website: Put your organization's name and logo on your PLS
  • Complete self-booking site: Transactions are completed on-line, eliminating paperwork
  • 24/7 Access: Visitors may shop for and purchase travel services anytime
  • Group & Incentive Travel: Take advantage of special programs
  • Discounted Cruise & Vacation Packages: You will be offering great deals on travel!
  • Direct link to major cruise lines: Your visitors will find just what they're looking for
  • Online booking of major brand-name resorts: Featuring SuperClubstm All-Inclusive resorts
  • Full online travel agency capabilities: Your site is rich with features and services to cover a traveler's every need
  • Offers the power of Sabre.Restm: Offering Airline web fares as well as preferred rates for hotels and cars
What Does a Private Labeled Site Look Like? View Diagram

As Subscriber with your own PLS, your benefits include:

  • Low cost to get started
  • No experience needed
  • No setup required - fully functional the day you get it
  • Incredibly easy to use - you don't have to be a travel agent or a computer whiz to have your own PLS
  • Web-based commission tracking and reporting
  • CLIA card discounts (for those who qualify) on your own personal travel
  • Tax benefits - travel deductions and expenses
  • No paperwork! Electronic reporting for all sales
  • Huge growth potential - Your PLS taps into the 7 billion+ dollars spent on travel annually by consumers
  • Marketing tips and tools to grow your business
  • Three PLS Subscription Levels to choose from to maximize your commissions
  • Professional design of business cards and brochures with your logo available for purchase

PLS Options
PLS Foundation A PLS is built upon the Core Foundation. The Core Foundation is the underlying set of services which includes 24x7 access to online travel booking engines.
PLS Level 1 Designed for small businesses and organizations, PLS Level 1 is our entry level website, but its commissions offer greater potential earnings than big-name competitors' plans. Learn more about PLS Level 1...
PLS Level 2 PLS Level 2 not only provides additional website customization options, but also better commission rates! Learn more about PLS Level 2...
PLS Level 3 PLS Level 3 offers the highest commission rates. For serious promoters only. Learn more about PLS Level 3...
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